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Silver Heavy Cap Monette Style Trumpet wDH2 Mouthpiece
Silver Heavy Cap Monette Style Trumpet wDH2 Mouthpiece
Silver Heavy Cap Monette Style Trumpet wDH2 Mouthpiece
Item#: berkeleysilver-monette-style-trumpet-wdh2-mouthpiec2
Regular price: $850.00
Sale price: $485.00

Product Description

Berkeley Silver Bb Monette Style Trumpet W/DH2 Mouthpiece

Berkeley Silver Bb Monette Style Trumpet W/DH2 Mouthpiece 

I got the horn. I'm gonna tell you like this:

I used to work for Sam Ash Music in Manhattan, one of the biggest music stores in the country. I have played on all types of horns. I even had I custom made Bach. I have played every kind of Monette currently available. I used to use the Monette B2 mouthpiece (Same kind as Wynton Marsalis). I have even played one of Wynton's old horns.

If all of your horns play as well as the one that I have now, you have a customer for LIFE!!! This horn plays, feels and sounds as good as a B-997 or B-993 (a $7,000 trumpet). I hope sincerely that your prices do not change before I have a chance to get another Bb, a C trumpet, a Cornet and a Flugel from you guys!....and maybe a picc trumpet (though I don't play much piccolo).

The next two on my list are the Copper-belled Cornet and Flugel you have. I will start saving up. And, many people in NYC will be hearing this horn. I played tonight and people are already asking if you make French Horns and Baritones and Trombones. So, hopefully I can send you some more business.

The mouthpiece is a great replica too, the the case is excellent quality. You guys have a great product. I hope I can drop by Wynton's. Heh heh heh. He might get jealous!

All the best and I will be in touch with you very soon.

Berkeley Bb Classic Silver Trumpet is the lightest "classic" instrument and is extremely easy to play! you can try the low register really "barks," the upper register is open and free, and the response all over the horn is locked-in and secure. With our "ovate"shaped tuning slide and bell bends, this trumpet has a faster and yet more consistent and secure response than other Berkeleywind Trumpet The added security along a less stuffy feel is a wonderful combination for players who need a light instrument, or an instrument that blends easily with other players using conventional instruments. This instrument has a 5 1/8" bell, and is in raw brass, bright silver,

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