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Berkeleywind C and Bb Flute w/ Hand Engrave 16 w/Wood case
Berkeleywind  C and Bb Flute w/ Hand Engrave 16 w/Wood case
Berkeleywind C and Bb Flute w/ Hand Engrave 16 w/Wood case
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Regular price: $299.99
Sale price: $159.99

Product Description
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Berkeley Hand Engrave Bb &C Silver Flute 16 Key Close

Berkeley Pro C and Bb Silver 16 Key Flute with Hand Engraven Art. Each flute is unique-no two are alike. We have an artist in China. He has a gift in the art of engraving. I have seen many pretty engraved decorations. But this guy has special style: not too busy and not too little. As the mouthpiece areas are small his art is just perfect. Also comes with Case. without handle. with handle one needs to pay some more money. I believe all the music teachers will like this flute a lot, especially when you are teaching with trumpet and clarinet together, your kids don't need to play in Bb with Bb and Eb 2 hard key. I have seen most kids give up to play flute because Bb is not so easy to play. If you need to know * 1. New three- piece rib for separate mounting, greater stability of LH thumb keys. Rib design also keeps body fits easily on standard repair mandrels. * 2. Longer hinge tube on Bb A F F# E and D keys to increase bearing surface and eliminate play. * 3. Newly redesigned G# key eliminates bending and key binding. * 4. New internal full pad attachment greater stability of all pads in cups. * 5. Underslung key adjustments for cleaner look, snag-free surface. * 6. White felt bumpers on all key tails for secure attachment and increased durability. * 7. Increased slope on all pad cups to center player’s finger directly over pad for better seal. * 8. Precision-machined headjoint tenon for improved fit. * 9. Double springing of trill section at pad cup for improved response and easier adjustment. * 10. Pre-cut rounded pins for a smooth, flush, snag-free surface. * 11. G#spat arm re-contoured to provide slightly more clearance between G/G# keys. * 12. triple pinning of left-hand section for more stability of A key, kicker. And Bbspat. 13. G# key spring hook integral with cup arm to allow longer spring for lighter action. * 14. Double ball post moved closer to barrel for longer F# hinge tube and more stability. 15. Split E mechanism available on selected models. * 16. Stainless steel springs for lighter action better response. * 17. Spring hooks moved 4mm farther from post for lighter action faster response. * 18. Pad thinned by .010" and backed by easily-removed .010" paper shims to counteract pad swelling caused by humidity. * 19. New stop plate design with rounded spring hook base for more sensitive action. 20. Graduated pad washers for consistent surface area on all pads. * 21. G# D# C# and trill key spatulas ergonomically redesigned for comfort and accessibility. * 22. Hex-head screws on all pad cups and flat springs for more security. * 23. Of course. The best price on eBay.

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