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Chinese Lute (Banjo) Liuqin 柳琴 Also as Ukulele
Chinese Lute (Banjo) Liuqin 柳琴 Also  as Ukulele
Chinese Lute (Banjo) Liuqin 柳琴 Also as Ukulele
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Chinese (Banjo) Liuqin with Nylon Gig Bag柳琴

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Liuqin, bombs string instruments. 又称柳叶琴、金刚腿、土琵琶。 Qin also called the willow pattern, King Kong legs, soil pipa. 原流行于苏、鲁、皖等省。 The popular Su, Lu and Anhui provinces. 现流行于全国各地。 Is popular throughout the country.

属唐代以来在民间流传的梨形音箱弹弦乐器之一种,其外形、构造、奏法均与琵琶相似。 Since the Tang Dynasty in the spread of civil pear Speaker of a bomb string instruments, its shape, structure, the playing of both similar and pipa. 最早用柳木制,二或三弦。 Liu earliest use of wooden, two or sanxian. 七或十品位,音域一个半八度。 Grade 7 or 10, a half-octave range. 用细竹筒套于食指上弹奏。 Zhu Tong with small sets in the index finger on the play. 制作粗糙、发音刚劲响亮。 Production of rough, loud pronunciation Gangjin. 是鲁南、苏北一带柳琴戏、安徽泗州戏的主奏乐器。 Lunan is, along the northern Jiangsu Liuqin drama, the main Anhui Sizhou opera playing musical instruments.

1958 年以来,济南军区前卫歌舞团王惠然和徐州乐器厂合作改革制成三弦二十四品柳琴。 Since 1958, the Jinan Military Region Song and Dance Troupe Wang Ran avant-garde and cooperation in the reform of Xuzhou Yueqi Chang made goods Liuqin 24 sanxian. 面板用桐木、背板用红木制,全长 65 厘米。 Tongmu panels used, with red wooden backplane, the total length of 65 cm. 音箱中置有音梁、琴胆,面板上开两个圆形音孔并镶骨制音窗。 Speaker of a home-beam,-action, the panel opened two circular Yin Kong and inserts bone-window system. 品按十二平均律排列,用丝弦或钢丝弦,按四、五度定弦为 d 1 、 g 1 、 d 2 或 d 1 、 a 1 、 d 2 音域 d 1 — d 4 ,用拨子弹奏。 Commodities are on equal temperament, Sixian use string or wire, according to four or five degrees for Dingxian d 1, g 1, d 2 or d 1, a 1, d 2 range d 1 - d 4, used for-play.

1972 年又制成四弦二十九品柳琴。 1972 also made 40 of 29 for Liuqin string. 音箱加大、腔内结构变化,置三拱阶梯码,设电扩音装置。 Speaker up, cavity structural changes, three home arch ladder code, based devices, PA. 定弦为 g 、 d 1 、 g 1 、 d 2 ,音域 g — g 4 ,达四个八度。 Dingxian for g, d 1, g 1, d 2, range g - g 4, four of eight degrees. 大连市歌舞团林吉良、于智昭制成五弦中音柳琴。 Dalian City Ji-liang Lin Song and Dance Troupe, made in-Zhao Wu Xian Alto Liuqin. 定弦 A 、 d 、 a 、 d 1 、 a 1 。 Dingxian A, d, a, d 1, a 1.

演奏时,琴斜置胸前,左手持琴按弦,右手执拨弹奏。 Concert, Qin oblique chest, left hand holding Qin Anxian, they call the right play. 琴拨赛璐珞、塑料或牛角制,呈三角形、四边形或长条形片状。 Qin for celluloid, plastic or horns system, a triangle, square or long strip Flake. 演奏技巧右手有弹、挑、双弹、双挑、扫拂、轮奏等,左手有吟弦、打弦、带弦、推拉弦等。 Playing skills right hand bombs, pick, two-bombs, two-pick, anti-fu, round-outs, the left has Yin string, a string, with strings, push and pull strings, and so on.

if you like to turn in ukulele
and you know how to play guitar, then you can play this instruments in 0ne mines

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