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Excellent profession Symphonies,Jazz Bb Trumpet
Excellent profession Symphonies,Jazz Bb Trumpet
Excellent profession Symphonies,Jazz Bb Trumpet
Item#: brass-trumpet
Regular price: $285.00
Sale price: $189.00

Product Description

Description Preview

Berkeley Pro Bb&A Symphonies,Jazz Brass Trumpet

You've reached the top smooth Berkeleywind Bb and A Trumpet when you choose the one. Key of Bb and A. Heavyweight; .459" bore; 4-7/8" hand-hammered, one-piece, yellow brass bell; one-piece drawn mouthpipe; Perfect pistons; 2-piece valve casings; 1st valve slide thumb hook; double main tuning slide braces; clear epoxy lacquered finish. Includes case.this trumpets have won a place in the world's most prestigious symphonies and among top-level concert band and jazz players. we flagship trumpets are heavyweight instruments, made with a metal that has been specially treated to deliver more power, better control, and a richer sound. All feature hand-lapped steel pistons and slides; 2-piece valve casings; an improved mouthpiece receiver length for better response; pressure-formed tubing that is perfectly round for a smoother air flow; metal valve guides; gold brass mouthpipe; and hand-hammered, one-piece, annealed 4-7/8" bell. The combined result of these features is a highly responsive instrument with a dark tone that does not break up with volume. All Berkeleywind instruments come with a limited 5-year warranty

I got the horn. I'm gonna tell you like this:

I used to work for Sam Ash Music in Manhattan, one of the biggest music stores in the country. I have played on all types of horns. I even had I custom made Bach. I have played every kind of Monette currently available. I used to use the Monette B2 mouthpiece (Same kind as Wynton Marsalis). I have even played one of Wynton's old horns.

If all of your horns play as well as the one that I have now, you have a customer for LIFE!!! This horn plays, feels and sounds as good as a B-997 or B-993 (a $7,000 trumpet). I hope sincerely that your prices do not change before I have a chance to get another Bb, a C trumpet, a Cornet and a Flugel from you guys!....and maybe a picc trumpet (though I don't play much piccolo).

The next two on my list are the Copper-belled Cornet and Flugel you have. I will start saving up. And, many people in NYC will be hearing this horn. I played tonight and people are already asking if you make French Horns and Baritones and Trombones. So, hopefully I can send you some more business.

The mouthpiece is a great replica too, the the case is excellent quality. You guys have a great product. I hope I can drop by Wynton's. Heh heh heh. He might get jealous!

All the best and I will be in touch with you very soon.

Hi- I'd like to pass along some information about valves.

This horn has Berliner Pistons. The way you identify Berliner Pistons is that the tubing goes through the middle of the valves in a straight line.

Berliner Pistons are often mistaken for Perinet Valves. The difference is that the tubing between Perinet Valves jogs around instead of going in a straight line.

This is an important selling point. Berliner Pistons are rare these days, and are more direct (freer blowing) than Perinet Valves, because when their are no valves depressed, or ALL valves are depressed, either way the air is still going straight through the horn, with no deflections.

MOST flugelhorns these days come with Perinet Valves. That this horn comes with the better, Berliner Pistons, is something you should point out.

The very first flugelhorns of this type ever made, by Adolph Sax in the 1840's, had Berliner Pistons.

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