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Berkeley C & Bb Trumpet (Silver & Gold)
Berkeley C & Bb Trumpet (Silver & Gold)
Berkeley C & Bb Trumpet (Silver & Gold)
Item#: berkeley-pro-c-amp-bb-trumpet-silver-gold
Regular price: $450.00
Sale price: $250.95

Product Description

Berkeley Stradivarius Pro C & Bb Trumpet

Berkeley Pro C & Bb Trumpet (Silver, Gold)

BerkeleyWind Pro C & Bb Trumpet Professional Symphony Quality with Hand Made Engraved Art. Very RARE! This Horn is make by Silver and Gold together with HQ wooden case! This horn is Default C Trumpet, you can play with piano guitar or violin without changing your key. Because most Trumpet is in Bb but when you ready marching with band. You can just take 30 Sec change to Bb, Is that pretty Cool?

If you play trumpet, then you know its hard to find C trumpet in the market,Also its cost you a lot, my Bach cost me $1700 but when i play with this horn, I tell you the true, not much difference. So this is the perfect time for you to buy one for yourself and your son, that way you can paly together with him Use Like regular Bb Trumpet with extra C pipe!

When I first saw this Horn, I thought it was just a fancy. But if you play in your church, then you know how much this horn can do for you For very affordable price you spend You can play any key's song in your church,not just set in there watching everybody play and you just set there i have this problem before While playing in the School, If teacher or friend ask about,Where did you find this cool instruments, please tell then is from berkeleywind.Thanks.

Any Berkeley Instrument we sold, We do buy back This Horn is come with pretty fine hand engraved Tattoo picture, I saw this guy making engrave, is fast and clean in china, Everybody say he is the best Engrave Artist in China, i wish i can know how,i also fund some video on youtube you can search on. Any question you can call 1510 9180008 for more information