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Berkeley Barks & Open Silver Bb Trumpet (ABS Case)
Berkeley Barks & Open Silver Bb Trumpet (ABS Case)
Berkeley Barks & Open Silver Bb Trumpet (ABS Case)
Item#: berkeley-silver-trumpet-silver
Regular price: $350.00
Sale price: $199.00

Product Description

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Berkeley Barks & Open Silver Bb Trumpet (ABS Case)

Berkeley Bb Silver Trumpet is the lightest "classic" instrument and is extremely easy to play!as you know, from factory side. getting hard to make silver horn because regulation from city.even in China. buy silver horn still the best sound,you can try the low register really "barks," the upper register is open and free, and the response all over the horn is locked-in and secure. With our "ovate"shaped tuning slide and bell bends, this trumpet has a faster and yet more consistent and secure response than other Berkeleywind Trumpet The added security along a less stuffy feel is a wonderful combination for players who need a light instrument, or an instrument that blends easily with other players using conventional instruments. This instrument has a 5 1/8" bell, and is in raw brass, bright silver,

Hi- I'd like to pass along some information about valves.

This horn has Berliner Pistons. The way you identify Berliner Pistons is that the tubing goes through the middle of the valves in a straight line.

Berliner Pistons are often mistaken for Perinet Valves. The difference is that the tubing between Perinet Valves jogs around instead of going in a straight line.

This is an important selling point. Berliner Pistons are rare these days, and are more direct (freer blowing) than Perinet Valves, because when their are no valves depressed, or ALL valves are depressed, either way the air is still going straight through the horn, with no deflections.

MOST flugelhorns these days come with Perinet Valves. That this horn comes with the better, Berliner Pistons, is something you should point out.

The very first flugelhorns of this type ever made, by Adolph Sax in the 1840's, had Berliner Pistons.

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