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Berkeley Electric Acustic 5 Strring Cello w/Fiber case
Berkeley Electric Acustic 5 Strring Cello w/Fiber case
Berkeley Electric Acustic 5 Strring Cello w/Fiber case
Item#: berkeley-electric-acustic-5-strring-cello-wfiber-cas5
Regular price: $799.00
Sale price: $599.00

Product Description

Berkeley Electric Acustic 5 Strring Cello w/Fiber caseB

Just This lightweight cello case already coast over $800 and it is made from hand-laminated carbon fiber which is then coated with a UV protective varnish that highlights the natural beauty of the carbon fabric. The case halves join to create a waterproof seal, and the chemically neutral insulation helps reduce temperature swings. A suspension system is an integral feature of the interior design. fits most 4/4 cellos. Weighs only 8.5 lbs.

this cello have Tiger maple back & sides: Gamba Construction method/tech.: Solid carved wood construction Inner ply material of maple piffling Installation of Routed and hand fit piffling Pear stained of endpin Ultralight Wittner composite tail piece each one on physical inspection,Top
Hand Carved Solid Select Spruce Back&Sides
Flamed Hand Carved Solid MapleHand Carved Inlaid Solid Maple brazil Woods bow with horse hair Stick With Ebony Frog Octagonal, Double Eyes, Half-lined
Nut/pillow is preslotted

with seven slots to easily accommodate five string play,Fingerboard is marked for easy reference and tuning for beginners, same like turn for guitar- something you never see!also with 4 band Electronic PU/EQ you can plug to the AMP. if you dont know how to play cello. you can turn to 5 string bass EADGC.after i did that, i can play cello like Professional, becasuse i am bass player. each one come with beautiful back tiger maple and bow and carry bag with,
you never can find in the market in this years!

my paypal account is
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