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Banda Jazz Super Smooth Piston Bb trumpet Rose Brass
Banda Jazz Super Smooth Piston Bb trumpet Rose Brass
Banda Jazz Super Smooth Piston Bb trumpet Rose Brass
Item#: banda-jazz-super-smooth-piston-bb-trumpet-rose-brass
Regular price: $295.00
Sale price: $195.00

Product Description

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Banda Jazz Super Smooth Piston Bb trumpet Rose Brass

When the cats say, 'well, when you going to retire?' I say 'well, why should I retire?' Sit up and look at the four walls, you know? Lots of people retire to die; so long as the horn ain't hurtin' me, and we're getting along ...

- Louis Armstrong

berkeleywind now come out this new SUPER smooths Piston valves Bb trumpet. as you know trumpets valve is like cars engines.all our music instruments are make in China.but with very special parts,most musician say China make junk.but that is 10 years ago.check your computer you are using now. they make in China too.after CNC CAD tool been use in horn factory.they are cheaper and Better. ifs cheaper you can think better. but when better then no choice.i been play horn over 30 years.when i find out new horn are better then my thousand dollars horn. i have no choice to change.i am happy sold out most my brand name horn in better price.but what about you?
this horn have very pretty and needs Rose Brass leadpipe
make sound much rich.
also some with nice case as the picture

Hi- I'd like to pass along some information about valves.

This horn has Berliner Pistons. The way you identify Berliner Pistons is that the tubing goes through the middle of the valves in a straight line.

Berliner Pistons are often mistaken for Perinet Valves. The difference is that the tubing between Perinet Valves jogs around instead of going in a straight line.

This is an important selling point. Berliner Pistons are rare these days, and are more direct (freer blowing) than Perinet Valves, because when their are no valves depressed, or ALL valves are depressed, either way the air is still going straight through the horn, with no deflections.

MOST flugelhorns these days come with Perinet Valves. That this horn comes with the better, Berliner Pistons, is something you should point out.

The very first flugelhorns of this type ever made, by Adolph Sax in the 1840's, had Berliner Pistons.

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