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China Yang Treble Bau woodwind 紫油木,巴乌
China Yang Treble Bau  woodwind 紫油木,巴乌
China Yang Treble Bau woodwind 紫油木,巴乌
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Treble Bau China Yang woodwind 紫油木,巴乌

Bau an important component of the civil earliest use bamboo reed, then improve with brass (62 or 68 instruments copper) production, can also be used alloy of copper, Copper or artillery shell production of copper. 铜制簧片的厚度尤为重要,不应超过0.03厘米,厚者一定要用锤锻薄。 Reed thickness of copper is particularly important, should not be more than 0.03 centimeters thick are forging must be thin. 将铜片剪成长2.5厘米、宽o.8厘米的长方形坯片,然后用锋利的尖刀在其上—刻出锐三角形簧舌。 Will cut the growth of copper 2.5 centimeters wide o.8 cm rectangular blank film, and then use a sharp knife in his last - carve sharp tongue spring triangle. 簧舌的大小根据调高而定,以F调为例,舌长1.7厘米,舌根宽0.25厘米,刻好后将簧舌理平,底面用水砂纸磨去毛刺,再把舌尖挑起,使其翘高0.15厘米左右,达到簧舌与黄框缝隙微小、自由振动通畅。 Reed according to increase the size of the tongue may be to F tune as an example, the tongue is 1.7 cm, 0.25 centimeters wide base of the tongue, will be engraved with a good spring tongue Li-ping, bottom water sandpaper burr refining its stand, and then provoke tongue to Alice about 0.15 centimeters high, reaching spring tongue with yellow box gap small, free vibration patency. 簧片调音最为关键,簧舌根部较厚,中部及尖端较薄,应一边刮削一边装在巴乌上试听,以灵敏度高、音色优美、各孔发音协调为佳。 Reed tuning the most critical, spring thick tongue base, the central and leading-edge thin, should be the one hand scrape on the side mounted on Bau audition to high sensitivity, a beautiful sound, the hole is better coordination pronunciation.
簧片本身是有音高的,不同调高的巴乌所用簧片的音高也各不相同。 Reed pitch itself is different increases Bau reed used in the pitch also varies. 通常应为调高的下方五度音,如F调巴乌,簧片应发升B音。 Normally be for five degrees below the increase in tone, such as the F transfer Bau, reed should be issued or B sound. 簧片的音高允许有小二度的游动范围,如将簧片音提高为下方四度音,就要将基音孔的位置错后或利用管口,才能使发合灵敏、明亮。 Reed's second pitch to allow a small range of swimming, such as reed tone will improve the tone for the bottom four, it is necessary to base the location of音孔or use the wrong nozzle in order to make the All sensitive and bright. 巴乌与笙同是簧管配合系的乐器,但簧片不同。 Sheng Bau and reed pipe with the same line of musical instruments, but different reed. 笙是每管一簧发一个音,簧舌是长方形的;巴乌是一管一簧发九个音,簧舌是锐三角形的,并且舌尖翘起。 Sheng is a spring-fat per tube of a sound spring tongue is rectangular; Bau is a nine-fat sound of a spring, spring tongue is a sharp triangle, and tilt tongue. 虽然都可以做自由振动,但音色根本不同,如果将巴乌换上空的簧片,就不会发出浓厚而柔美的音色。 Although the free vibration can be done, but the tone is fundamentally different, if the over-for-Bau reed, it would not have issued a heavy and mellow tone.
  簧片本身是有音高的,不同调高的巴乌所用簧片的音高也各不相同。通常应为调高的下方五度音,如 F调巴乌,簧片应发升B音。簧片的音高允许有小二度的游动范围,如将簧片音提高为下方四度音,就要将基音孔的位置错后或利用管口,才能使发合灵敏、明亮。巴乌与笙同是簧管配合系的乐器,但簧片不同。笙是每管一簧发一个音,簧舌是长方形的;巴乌是一管一簧发九个音,簧舌是锐三角形的,并且舌尖翘起。虽然都可以做自由振动,但音色根本不同,如果将巴乌换上空的簧片,就不会发出浓厚而柔美的音色。

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